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Sort and Match

Matching Puzzle Game to sort and match objects: Sort & Match Puzzle


Do you love playing sorting and matching puzzle games or match 3 puzzle games? Here’s one of the most unique and interesting matching puzzle game: Sort and Match

Sort and Match: Matching Puzzle is a Puzzle Game where the objective is to match objects on a truck as they come on a conveyor. You will play this matching puzzle game with sports objects. You will come across stacks of objects and you must match the incoming objects with the object stacks. It is a really fun sorting puzzle game where you can match objects and have fun. The matching puzzle game is suited for players of all age groups and you will come across different kinds of trucks of objects.

While playing the sort and matching game, you can improve your reflexes. The game has different difficulty levels that help you match the game as per your gaming skills. You get into an insane difficulty level to increase the game speed and test your reflexes.

How to Play?

So how can you play Sort and Match? The game has simple controls and here’s how it works:  

  • Press the left arrow to move the object left

  • Press the right arrow to move the object right

  • Press the down arrow to bring down the object

  • Press the Skip button to skip the current object

Match the incoming objects with objects outline on the truck.


App Features:

So why is Sort and Match: Matching Puzzle one of the most unique and addictive object matching games? Below are the features of the game that make it incredible:

🎮 Simple and intuitive game controls

🚚 Play with multiple trucks full of objects

🎬 Exclusive HD Game Graphics

🤠 Difficulty Levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane

💫 Spin and Win Prizes everyday with Daily Spin

🏈 Sports Objects to play with The object matching game is free to play.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the most interesting and challenging sort and match puzzle game today to enjoy unlimited fun.

Support Us:

If you have any feedback for us, please feel free to send us an email. If you have enjoyed playing our game, please rate us on the play store and share among your friends.

Watch the Trailer:


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