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Color Cannon

Catch the Color balls with the Color Bubble Platform to get the highest score !


Color Cannon is an extremely addictive free game. This game is fun and exercise for the brain and a great way to spend free time in the airport, bus or train.

Fun and addictive Color Ball and Color Bubble Platform catching game!

Color Cannon is an Arcade Game where the objective is to catch the Color Balls shot by the Cannons using the Color Bubble Platform. You will notice that the cannon shoots balls of different Colors. The Color of some of these balls match the Color of the Color Bubble Platform and your goal is to catch the matching Color balls. If you catch a ball that doesn’t match the Color of the Color Bubble Platform, you will lose a chance. You have a total of 3 chances to get the maximum score. 
The Color Ball and Color Bubble Platform catching game is suited for players of all age groups. From Kids to Adults, everyone will be hooked on to this game for hours.

While playing Color Cannon, you can improve your reflexes. As you keep playing the difficulty  of the game increases. You get into very high difficulty and test your reflexes as play.

How to Play?
So how can you play Color Cannon? The game has simple controls and here’s how it works:
● Swipe left on the screen to move the Color catching platform to the left 
● Swipe right on the screen to move the Color catching platform to the right 

Catch all the incoming balls matching the Color of the bubble on the platform.

App Features:
So why is Color Cannon one of the most unique and addictive Color bubble and Ball catching game? Below are the features of the game that make it incredible:
🎮 Simple and intuitive game controls
🔮 Six Different Color Bubble Platforms to play with
🎬 Exclusive HD Game Graphics
🤠 Difficulty that increases from Easy to Hard as you Play
💫 Special Balls that enhance the gameplay and experience

This Color bubble and Ball catching is free to play. So, what are you waiting for? Download the most interesting and challenging Color catching game today to experience unlimited fun.

Support Us:

If you have any feedback for us, please feel free to send us an email. If you have enjoyed playing our game, please rate us on the play store and share among your friends.

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